About the Project

The program was executed by the mathematical and justified estimation of the election. Along this, exact calculation of the polls and methods to produced controlled processes were used. “Election number comparison” is thus an applied method of this proposed method of electronic monitoring of voting results. The idea is based on the notion that there are certain relationships between election numbers. If these numbers are “clean” and avoid fraudulent activity, then the relationship holds. The method is described in detail in the book of Lyudvig Khachatryan, “Voting rights and Electoral Falsifications” (Yerevan, ISBN 978-9939-53-733-7).
The application of the “election numbers comparison” method will enable:
  • Carrying out a comprehensive analysis on the participation of the voters, using mathematical methods. It will reveal “unusually active” periods of voting on Election Day;
  • Reveal possible irregularities and fraud that occurred on Election Day by using the number of votes compassion, based on official data published by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC);
  • Reveal possible violations of the electoral legislation; and
  • Assess the impact of the revealed irregularities according to the results of the elections.
All the data is official and taken from the postings on the CEC website. The goal of the Project is to contribute to fair election in Armenia and thus, to enhance the trust of the population towards elections. Its objectives are to control the accuracy of the process and results of voting in all precincts, analyze possible instances of irregularities and fraud during voting, widely disseminate the results of that analysis, and assess the impact of irregularities and fraud on the Results of 2013 Presidential Elections in Armenia.

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